Norse Mythology: Tales of Norse Myth, Gods, Goddesses, Giants, Rituals & Viking Beliefs

Author: Kory Aumont



Before the tide of Christianity cast its influence over the greater part of the Western World, magic and tradition were rich in the lives of the Nordic people. These great men and women of lore speak to us of glorified battles, strong noble bloodlines, and honor in the face of adversity. We celebrate the incredible tales of Loki and Frigga, the mighty Thor and the all-powerful Odin.

Now the annals of history have offered us the great gift of studying and understanding this magnificent culture. Readers young and old alike have the opportunity to explore this fascinating and awe-inspiring collection of religious stories and rich traditions belonging to such a complex belief system. Discover for yourself the magic and mystery in the stories of Baldur, Heimdall, and Idun. Uncover the ancient tale of the fortification of Asgard, the great kingdom of the Nordic gods, and the chilling story behind the binding of Fenrir.

Even though thousands of years have passed since these cultural stories were first shared around the forges and fires of the Nordic populations, they still entrance and inspire us with the great deeds of the human race and the incredible gods who watched over them. Find your own wealth of inspiration among the tales of the great gods and goddesses once worshipped by the Vikings.

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Pub Date: 03/2020
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