No-Regret Decisions: Making Good Choices During Difficult Times


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Every one of us will face an unexpected decision crisis in our lives. Whether it’s a life-changing situation–job loss, illness, divorce, death–or a happier event–a new job opportunity, buying a first home, or other important occasion–there are times when you will be forced to make big decisions under great pressure.

When you feel overwhelmed, it’s difficult to be confident in your decision-making. Uncertainty is scary. Sometimes it seems that the options are endless–or non-existent. You don’t want to make the wrong choice, but you don’t want to be paralyzed by indecision either.

No-Regret Decisions is a decision crisis playbook that will help you to make sound choices when the emotional and financial stakes are high. From the initial shock of Panic Mode to the insecurity of the Messy Middle, and finally, the acceptance of Your New Normal, Shannon Lee Simmons will teach you how to approach your decision crisis methodically, step by step.

No-Regret Decisions will show you how to:

    create a circle of care

    find your deciding values

    create time and money guardrails

    pivot your plans

    embrace change

Simmons’s practical advice, wisdom and humour will help you navigate through the emotional, psychological and financial upheaval that comes with a decision crisis, so that–once the stressful situation is over–you will be proud of the choices you’ve made, you have hope for the future, and you emerge from the crisis stronger and more confident than before.

ISBN: 9781443463454
Publisher: Collins
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.74 lbs
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