Nikola Tesla: Free Energy and the White Dove



In the last few years many books have been written about the life and times of Nikola Tesla. But the majority have been from a strictly “scientific” biographical point of view. They capture the essence of his being bought up in a small Bulgarian town and watched over his parents, as well as his early interest in electricity and in lighting up the world. But there is more to Tesla’s life story than this. There are some who now believe Nikola Tesla was an extraterrestrial sent to bring mankind amazing advancements in science and technology? In fact this work reveals how no other man of science has played such a vital role in the scientific development of mankind. Most of us know that Nikola Tesla was the inventor of the AC motor, radio, robotics, remote control and holds hundreds of patents worldwide. But just how did Tesla go about developing his amazing gift of inventing? And why did the high-power, big-money corporations steal Tesla’s most incredible inventions to leave him penniless and almost forgotten? This book by Commander X exposes the most important alternative scientific advancements of our time utilizing free energy which was uncovered by Tesla and perhaps derived from other worldly sources. One reader has stated: “THIS BOOK IS ONE OF A KIND. . . I have been privileged to read many books on the life of Nikola Tesla. This is one of the few that delve into the unusual aspects of Tesla’s life. “The author — a retired military intelligent officer — did a background check an found out that Tesla had quite an unusual birth. He suggests that Nikola was actually a highly advanced space being who was reincarnated in an earthly body and left on the doorstep of the couple who raised him. “We find that Tesla did have among his friends an inventor from Baltimore by the name of Otis T. Carr who in the l960s constructed his own anti gravity device which he claimed could fly to the moon. He supposed met Tesla many times in the hotel where Tesla lived during the last years of his life. “We are treated to many insightful bits of information that have not been published elsewhere. This is a very readable book which anyone who is interested in Tesla’s life — and not so much technical information and patent information which can be found in hundred of other texts — will find of great benefit.” This book is very enjoyable and contains little known information. It has sold thousands of copies through word of mouth. Many say this work contains the key to Tesla’s life that is being withheld from the world.

ISBN: 9780938294825
Publisher: Inner Light – Global Communications
Pub Date: 04/2012
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