New Beginnings for Management: And a History of Management, Education Management and Management Education, Volume One

Author: Ian Waitt


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Publisher: Trine Day
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This comprehensive history illustrates how management and management education developed. All major theories are put forward, simply explained, and a new paradigm for management studies is created. What results is a comprehensible new basis for practice and theory based on sustainability, history, and ethics. Dr. Waitt’s call for an enforceable ethical code–along with his practical guide to its introduction, demonstration, and adoption–is a 21st century turning point for management and management education, an increasingly popular subject at universities for under- and post-graduate study. This very important work shows how and why value for money must be achieved. This work can change management, at all levels, forever.

ISBN: 9781634242318
Publisher: Trine Day
Pub Date: 03/2022
Format: Paperback

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