My Crazy Dog: My Narrative Essay



A hectic chase inspires Dennis’s amazing narrative essay.

A romp with his best friend, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Clark Kent, inspires Dennis to write a narrative essay. Recently, Mom asked Dennis to put a leash on Clark Kent so they could take the dog to the veterinarian for shots. Clark gave them all a merry chase There’s lots of action to love here.

In this third installment of the The Read and Write Series, children’s book author and writing teacher, Darcy Pattison, entertains kids while also teaching them how-to-write. This book packages a complete narrative essay lesson plan into an engaging story about a boy and his dog. Adding sensory details is demonstrated on each page and on the mentor text essay. Students are reminded to add transition words and use great verbs. Who would know that writing essays could be so simple and fun?

This story has multiple levels. Young kids will revel in the exciting story of chasing a dog around the house. Elementary students will rejoice that learning essay writing is so much fun. And teachers will find this the easiest writing lesson they’ve ever done–and the most effective. Buy this amazing story to fascinate a kid (and teach them something in the process).


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ISBN: 9781629440521
Publisher: Mims House
Pub Date: 08/2015
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 0.69lbs
Size: 8.50h x 8.50w x 0.25d

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Weight 0.69 lbs
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