Mutha: Stuff and Things


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Publisher: Cameron Books 
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A collection of irreverent and poetic short works from legendary actor Vincent D’Onofrio
This is not a story woven around plot, characters, and contrivance. Rather, it is what acclaimed actor Vincent D’Onofrio’s mind produces when on idle, when he is not thinking about servicing a story. His words are, in the purest sense, ideas that fall unexpectedly upon his head, “like an apple from a tree–dropping all at once,” though less about gravity and Newton’s apples, and more about levity. D’Onofrio’s thoughts and images–presented here in all their uninhibited glory–are humorous, honest, abundant, raw, and unfiltered. And all exceedingly enjoyable.
The unique design–a paperback with flaps and Chinese binding, all contained in a full-color, hardcover slipcase–offers the book an artistic, collectible feel.