Mr. Mercedes

Author: Stephen King


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Publisher: Turtleback Books
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#1 “New York Times “bestseller In a high-suspense race against time, three of the most unlikely heroes Stephen King has ever created try to stop a lone killer from blowing up thousands. “Mr. Mercedes “is a rich, resonant, exceptionally readable accomplishment by a man who can write in whatever genre he chooses (“The Washington Post”).
The stolen Mercedes emerges from the pre-dawn fog and plows through a crowd of men and women on line for a job fair in a distressed American city. Then the lone driver backs up, charges again, and speeds off, leaving eight dead and more wounded. The case goes unsolved and ex-cop Bill Hodges is out of hope when he gets a letter from a man who loved the feel of death under the Mercedes s wheels
Brady Hartsfield wants that rush again, but this time he s going big, with an attack that would take down thousands unless Hodges and two new unusual allies he picks up along the way can throw a wrench in Hartsfield s diabolical plans. Stephen King takes off on a nerve-shredding, pulse-pounding race against time (“Fort Worth Star-Telegram”) with this acclaimed #1 bestselling thriller.”

ISBN: 9780606394154
Publisher: Turtleback Books
Pub Date: 12/2015
Format: Hardcover
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Size: 7.40h x 4.10w x 1.40d

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Weight 0.80 lbs
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