Monstrous Truths

Author: K. a. Knight


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Thirty years ago the world as we know it was lost. Now humans live like rats, desperate for food and safety, the wall towering before us as a mocking reminder of what happened…

But some, some are born into privilege and wealth and I am one of those. I spend my days trying to change the world we live in, fighting for the truth as any good scientist does. However, when I am thrust through the wall I have to fight just to survive.

Hurt, alone and scared I run smack into the very creatures we are taught to fear.

A monster.

But this monster is intent on protecting me, even as I fear him.

Together we must delve into the past, to find the truth behind the monster’s creation. The truth behind what happened all those years ago and when we do? It changes my entire future. The world crumbling around me, I cling to the only honest thing I find.


But when the humans decide they want their research, and their scientist back, I am ripped from the safety of his arms. Once more fighting to survive, I promise to find the truth, even if it costs me my life.

With my monster at my side, I will untangle the lies, I will find the truth and when I do? This whole Monstrous plan will come unravelled.

*Monstrous Truths is the second book in the Forgotten City Series, all the books can be read as a stand-alone and feature different characters but to fully enjoy the series I suggest reading the series in order.*

ISBN: 9798355988166
Publisher: Independently Published
Pub Date: 10/2022
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.01lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.71d

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Weight 1.01 lbs
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