Monsterology: The Complete Book of Monstrous Beasts



A second major volume by the esteemed Dr. Drake — a lavish exploration of fantastical beasts, from yetis to unicorns.

Do krakens really lurk below the ocean waves? Do griffins command the air above? In a fascinating new discovery sure to rival the ground-breaking DRAGONOLOGY, the intrepid Dr. Ernest Drake turns his inquisitive gaze from dragons to other so-called mythical creatures. Included are:

* a removable letter from Dr. Drake
* multiple foldouts, flaps, and pull-outs
* textured “samples,” including sea serpent skin and a feather from a winged horse
* sundry booklets — including riddles to tell a sphinx
* a cabinet of curiosities containing yeti fur, a hippogriff feather, and more

For anyone who has ever wondered whether legendary beasts still wander among us, this lush look at an astounding array of creatures offers everything a true believer would want to know.

ISBN: 9780763639402
Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)
Pub Date: 08/2008
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 1.88lbs
Size: 12.09h x 10.30w x 0.87d

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Weight 1.88 lbs
Dimensions 12.09 × 10.30 × 0.87 in