Mirrenwood: A Tale of the Unicorn


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Publisher: Mystique Press
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The royal physician Zimenes is in a bind: his most important patient-and his best friend-King Adalmund of Averonne is gravely ill and wasting away, near death. According to the physician’s books a cure exists, but the medicine requires the powdered horn of a unicorn. The king, as a boy, lost in the vast and mysterious Mirrenwood, was led to safety by one of these fabled creatures-and so, when he became king, he sealed off the forest, and now refuses to allow the unicorn to be hunted, despite his friend’s urgent pleas.

Everything changes when Adalmund’s daughter, the princess Vialle, returns to Averonne. Zimenes taught the young princess to read and write and cast the cards, but he hasn’t seen her in ten years, since she left for Gothenburg to continue her schooling. Vialle has come to take charge of her father’s cure: she has hired a hunter, horses, and hounds, and she persuades her father to open the Mirrenwood. She will be the lure, the “maiden of noble blood” required to draw the unicorn from hiding.

Will the hunters find the creature they seek? What twists and turns await in the forbidden forest? Join Zimenes, Vialle, and their companions on an epic quest that will take them into the dark heart of the Mirrenwood-and beyond.

Mirrenwood is an exotic and beautifully written fantasy adventure with vivid characters, superb pacing, a stirring love story and a surprising-shocking-climax.

ISBN: 9781637898819
Publisher: Mystique Press
Pub Date: 03/2022
Format: Paperback
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