Mindset: Understanding Growth and Fixed Mindsets In Order to Think Positively for Powerful Results! Change Now for a Better You


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Learn The Many Benefits of Understanding your Thought Process Today Would you love to be able to learn the wonderful benefits of understanding how your mind can really work to your advantage? You may not know now but as you read on you will find out EXACTLY just how quickly you can be in-tune with how your mind really works * * *LIMITED TIME OFFER (Regular $11.99) * * * Dear Reader, Have you always wondered what is ON YOUR MIND and how it can help you with your daily lives? THE FACT IS: MINDSET is a simple idea that makes all the difference. Learning how to apply GROWTH MINDSET into your life We all want to be productive and motivated in our business, education, and sports; and even personal life. Mindset (A Preview) * The Growth & Fixed Mindset – Instead of using the words ‘good’ and ‘poor’, psychologists have favored the labels ‘growth’ & ‘fixed’ which better describe the differences between the two mindsets. The growth mindset, as you might expect, helps you grow by enabling you to face challenges, take risks, accept personal responsibility & change, deal with criticism and perhaps most importantly, work hard. By contrast the ‘fixed’ mindset only allows you to stay as you are, by undermining your confidence and limiting your willingness to try new things and take risks. * The Basis of the Growth & Fixed Mindset – All too many self-help guides of various flavors and varieties feel that it is simply enough to state what style of thinking and outlook is good for you, with no path or map on how to make a transition. This guide vows not to make this mistake and for good reason; changing a fixed mindset towards a growth mindset is easily achievable if you follow several simple rules. This chapter will explore the key ideas you need to understand in order to start developing a growth mindset. * How to Enter the Growth Mindset? – There are numerous ways to build a growth mindset. The following methods other people have found useful, but feel free to create your own, as long as they work for you. * Keeping on Track – In medicine one of the largest problems doctors face is that people stop taking their medication too early. Antibiotics or other drugs are prescribed to a patient to treat an illness and when initially taken these cause the patient to improve. However, due to the fact that they are feeling better, the patient then stops taking the medication before they are ready, causing their illness to grow again once more.

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