Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness: 7 Steps to learn the Language of your Emotions. Change your Perspective. Change your Life


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Struggling with Emotions This book will help “”Thoughtful. Articulate. Essential ” – Alicia Heraz, Eng. PhD. Founder and CEO Emotions MatterWithout jargon, the Author explains the complexities of our mind and our emotions in a language that is accessible, insightful, pragmatic and genuinely helpful. In this exciting new book, internationally acclaimed expert in emotional and mental wellness, Jenny Florence, returns to her accessible and pragmatic formula:

  • 7 Days.
  • 20 Minutes Reading a Day.
  • Bite Sized Chapters.
  • Minimal Time Commitment.
  • Maximum Results.
  • Anyone who has ever struggled with intense and overwhelming emotions at times of stress, duress and challenge will know how extraordinarily difficult it is to remain grounded in these moments, and what a challenge it is to remain confident, not only in our interactions with others but also in our belief in ourselves and in our feelings of self-worth, self-value and self-esteem. Mindfulness meets Emotional Awareness offers a pathway of insight and understanding into our most challenging emotional states, demonstrating that every emotion we have has a role to play in the development of a vibrant and thriving life.”A step by step, low technology, high impact, guide to emotional awareness – a significant resource that really does create genuine opportunity for self-development and growth The steps are clear and the processes simple.” – Libby Alderson Chartered Fellow FCIPD. Organisational Coach and Supervisor. Learning Excellence Manager Each chapter contains an additional section of pragmatic invitations and exercises that are designed to integrate and expand emotional knowledge and awareness into everyday real-life situations. Self-awareness is often likened to the layers of an onion. Each time we apply a chapter to a particular situation, either for the first time or in returning again, the daily invitations are designed to enable another layer of emotional awareness to unfold. As we expand our awareness, we transform conceptual knowledge and information into a usable and practical emotional toolkit of personal empowerment. In changing our relationship with our most challenging emotions we create real and significant change in the immediacy of our own lives.”It has been my privilege to walk alongside literally hundreds of people as they have journeyed from the chaos of living from an emotionally reactive position to a place of integrated living where their emotions fuel and feed their capacity to navigate their lives from a position of conscious, reflective and empowered choice. Indeed, the journey of my life has shown me time and again that our emotions play an absolutely integral role in our ability to heal, to grow and to thrive. “The collaboration of Mindfulness and Emotional Awareness creates a pathway of opportunity that transforms our perspective of previously challenging emotions into an experience of positive and insightful learning that supports us in navigating our lives successfully and in becoming the very best that we can be. “I know that my deepening ability to listen to my emotions and to consider every emotional state that I feel as ‘valuable information’ has created a way of living that has been radically life changing.” – Jenny Florence

    ISBN: 9780995507920
    Publisher: Nielson
    Pub Date: 10/2017
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