Milspouse Strength: Changing the Way You See and Respond to Military Life Stress

Author: Kendra Lowe



Military spouses: Transform your military life stress into strength!

“… a must-read for military spouses … to learn and understand the circumstances and harm of stress, the outcome and capabilities of the mind, and the tools, questions, and reflections to manage through it all.
-Sabina W. Zarlenga, MS, LPCC, NCC, CCTP, Army spouse

Do you feel like you are constantly adjusting your life over and over again? As if the underlying stress of your service member’s dangerous missions or the lengthy separations during deployments aren’t enough. Each new assignment brings another relocation, potential job search, school changes, and more.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and believe that a life of constant stress is the norm for military spouses. But cumulative stress hugely impacts your life!

In Milspouse Strength, author Kendra Lowe, a veteran, military spouse, and trained psychologist, helps you understand the impact of both positive and negative stress, healthy ways to respond to stressful situations, and ultimately how to transform your stress into strength.

The information, tools, and reflection questions will help you break down the individual stresses that weigh on your mind so you can feel in control of your life right now and develop the skills to change the way you see and respond to military life stress.

Truly outstanding! … Kendra captures the true essence of being a military spouse: the challenges, the resilience, the stress, and the rewards … tangible information to deal with the stress successfully.”
-Robyn Grable, US Navy veteran, military spouse, CEO of Veterans ASCEND

– Information about different types of stress
– Tools for assessing stress levels and their impact
– Stories and perspective from other military spouses
– Reflection questions in each chapter

ISBN: 9781934617632
Publisher: Elva Resa
Pub Date: 01/2022
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