Mental Health Journal for Black Men: Prompts and Practices to Prioritize Yourself and Work on Your Well-Being


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Publisher: Rockridge Press
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Empower yourself with journaling

Black men experience uniquely difficult challenges in the world, but caring for your emotional and mental health can help you create lasting happiness. This guided journal paves the way for you to live your best life with powerful prompts, practices, and affirmations to support Black mental health.

  • Take stock of your mental health–Learn to recognize your stressors and connect with your feelings through self-awareness exercises like body scans, self-esteem assessments, and more.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety–Cultivate mindfulness and avoid self-judgment in everyday life with practices that highlight self-reflection and compassion.
  • Find support in community–Learn how to identify your support network, strengthen connections, and feel comfortable asking for help.

Prioritize your well-being with this mental health journal.

ISBN: 9798886081305
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Paperback

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