Mega Deal Secrets

Author: Jamal Reimer


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Publisher: Summiteer Press
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Drop the run-rate mentality and start closing Mega Deals.

Selling a Mega Deal-a deal of uncommonly large size and complexity-is the crowning achievement of any enterprise seller. Yet there are precious few who have achieved such a feat, and those who have done it tend to guard the keys to their success as well-kept secrets. Jamal Reimer is a senior enterprise seller and has been a top-1-percent performer at one of the largest software as a service (SaaS) companies in the world. He has closed multiple deals over $50 million. In this book, Reimer shares the methods, strategies, tactics, and tools that he and other Mega Dealers use to bring in massive enterprise deals.

In Mega Deal Secrets, Reimer teaches all the components of a truly dialed-in sales cycle in the modern selling age:

  • Executive Whispering: how to engage with elusive executives from your company and your customers to build strategic relationships and accelerate uncommonly large deals
  • Mega Deal Premise: how to build a compelling Mega Deal Story that senior executives will invest in
  • Mega Deal Conjuring: how to find and close a Mega Deal in twelve months or less even when the conditions are against you

Reimer walks you through every step of the Mega Deal process-from selecting the right candidate account to getting your contract signed by whatever deadline you set. Along the way, you’ll follow the journey of how he put together the biggest pitch of his career, stood his ground with the most intimidating executive he’s ever met, and, ultimately, closed his first Mega Deal.

ISBN: 9781737765509
Publisher: Summiteer Press
Pub Date: 11/2021
Format: Hardcover
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