McPherson On Leverguns: Customizing, Handloading, and Using The Lever-Action Rifle (Black And White Edition)


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Black and White soft-cover edition: 373 pages, 8.5×11-inch (21.5x28cm) pages, with 395 photographs. In this compilation, McPherson covers every aspect of getting the most out of traditional lever-action guns through modification, improvement, handloading, and shooting techniques. He chronicles his custom modifications of Marlin 1894 and 336-based guns, while building everything from a 17-caliber, quarter-MOA varmint rifle, based upon the 1894 action, to the mighty 510 Kodiak express, which generates up to 5100 foot-pounds of muzzle energy, based upon the modern 1895. He specialized in lightweight carbines, known by friends and customers alike as, “Peggy rifles,” in honor of the custom rifle he built for his late wife. These collected works span three decades of gunsmithing and document his perfection of the Marlin lever-action rifle. Last revised May 2021, with added text and pictures explaining some of his more complicated modifications, and with an added essay on Freedom and why it now exists for people in some places. For completeness, he includes articles on: a custom 35 Whelen Ackley-Improved, Remington Pump and a custom 221 Fireball, 788 Remington; and, a photographic journal of the rifle he and a friend built to launch bullets faster than one mile per second. Those interested in the color version, which the author highly recommends because of the superior detail and visual appeal of the color photographs, can find that through this link. https: // Occasionally, this seems to be the only way to find this book on The significant cost difference reflects only the difference in printing cost – color printing is very expensive.

ISBN: 9781717996657
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