Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom: How to Use The Smith Manoeuvre in Canada to Make Your Mortgage Tax-Deductible and Create Wealth



The Smith Manoeuvre should be considered for implementation by every Canadian family that has a conventional mortgage on their home. Why? Because with a simple, one-time restructuring of your finances it can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.
This exciting financial strategy simultaneously converts mortgage interest to tax refunds, shortens the amortization period of the mortgage and builds a free-and-clear portfolio of investments of your own choosing to fund the future for your family.
This unique strategy is not reserved for the wealthy. If you have a mortgage, you can make it tax-deductible. No new money is required from you, your debt will not increase, the benefits are free, and The Smith Manoeuvre is legal – in fact, it is encouraged.
Miss no opportunity – read this book and enlist the guidance of accredited Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professionals near you. It can mean the difference between working in your retirement or making your retirement work for you.

ISBN: 9781999171605
Publisher: Smith Consulting Group Ltd.
Pub Date: 11/2019
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.72 lbs
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