Master the Combat Saber: How to Train and Fight with the Form of a Samurai

Author: N. R. Burk


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Publisher: Great Dad Media
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DISCOVER THE SPORT OF COMBAT SABER DUELING Lay claim to the must-have guide for all newcomers, expert duelists, club leaders, dojo instructors, and fencing enthusiasts Explore a comprehensive training program rich with proven techniques and links to online resources. Face your next opponent with confidence A LONG WAY FROM THE LIGHTSABER… Countless fans have dreamed of wielding the iconic swords of the Jedi, giving rise to an independent online market for real combat-ready LED stunt sabers. They may light up and sound like cinematic laser-swords, but these fan-made weapons are used with intense force by duelists in our own galaxy. With a reinforced polycarbonate blade, metallic hilt, bright customizable colors, and high quality electronics, the combat saber sparked the creation of a new sport REAL JAPANESE ARTS Learn from over 50 dueling techniques inspired by the Japanese martial arts of Kendo, Kenjutsu, and Iaido. Dive into the forms, wars, history, legends, and noble code of the samurai. Master historic choreography and maneuvers as you follow simple yet detailed step-by-step instructions. FIND SPARRING PARTNERS NEAR YOU Unlock the Rogue Saber Academy’s online training tools and track your progress. Access the Duel Finder Map to invite saber collectors like you to local spars, duels, and tournaments. Begin your quest to become a Knight of the Rogue Order

ISBN: 9780999684610
Publisher: Great Dad Media
Pub Date: 12/2017
Format: Paperback
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Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.62d

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Weight 0.87 lbs
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