Marketing Campaign Handbook: Volume One: Instructions For Operating A Successful Marketing Campaign


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Publisher: Bernice Loman
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Creating marketing campaigns aren’t complicated. For some reason, there’s a myth that marketing campaigns are only for large organizations, people who have big budgets and well-experienced marketers. If you have a message or a product or service that caters to a variety of people, then you need your message, product or service promoted in different types of media. This handbook will give you a step by step guide to creating a successful marketing campaign so that your message, product, or service gets the reach it deserves. You will learn marketing trends & strategies, content marketing, how to create a marketing plan & set a marketing budget and more.

This handbook has been created for every level of business or ministry, whether you are a start-up, mid-level, or a fortune 500 company.

ISBN: 9781734510553
Publisher: Bernice Loman
Pub Date: 04/2020
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.23 lbs
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