Maria Padilha: The Key-holder of Midnight: The Keyholder


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Maria Padilha is unique in as much as she did not begin HER journey as a goddess, spirit, demon, or archetypal energy. Her origins can be found in the history books as a wife and as a queen. Veronica Rivas takes us on a fascinating journey as she shares this woman’s history as well as her place within the magickal hierarchy.

Veronica Rivas shares with us her enthusiasm, and her love for this once queen. Maria Padilha is professionally researched and beautifully written. But then, I would expect nothing less from Veronica Rivas.

This book is a truly enlightening look at Maria Padilha from a historical, devotional, and subjective point of view.

ISBN: 9781914071355
Publisher: Veneficia Publications
Pub Date: 05/2021
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Weight 0.26 lbs
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