Margery Kempe: A Mixed Life

Author: Anthony Bale


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Publisher: Reaktion Books
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A fresh account of the medieval mystic, traveling pilgrim, and pioneering memoirist Margery Kempe.

This is a new account of the medieval mystic and pilgrim Margery Kempe. Kempe, who had fourteen children, traveled all over Europe and recorded a series of unusual events and religious visions in her work The Book of Margery Kempe, which is often called the first autobiography in the English language. Anthony Bale charts Kempe’s life and tells her story through the places, relationships, objects, and experiences that influenced her. Extensive quotations from Kempe’s Book accompany generous illustrations, giving a fascinating insight into the life of a medieval woman. Margery Kempe is situated within the religious controversies of her time, and her religious visions and later years put in context. And lastly, Bale tells the extraordinary story of the rediscovery, in the 1930s, of the unique manuscript of her autobiography.

ISBN: 9781789144703
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Pub Date: 01/2022
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 4.40lbs
Size: 10.20h x 11.80w x 1.30d

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Weight 4.40 lbs
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