Mandala Coloring Book: 40 Original Hand-Drawn Designs For Adults: Achieve Stress Relief and Mindfulness


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Publisher: Maria Hajj
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GIFT IDEAS COLOURING BOOK FOR ADULTS 40 UNIQUE MANDALASWith this mindful mandalas colouring book, you will:

✅ Learn to focus your mind

✅ Decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s

✅ Understand the art of calmness

✅ Uplift your soul

✅ Reconnect with your higher self through silence

✅ Free-up your mind to see beyond the struggle

✅ Meditate with ease

✅ Increase your level of positivity

✅ Achieve the goals obtained through art therapy

Spark your creativity and discover your quiet place. This unique colouring book has 40 hand-drawn mandalas for both men and women.

Are you going through tough times or just simply bored? Creating your own art with your hands will help you escape every dull moment. Don’t allow negative vibes to distract you! Keep your mind focused. Stay calm and positive with this mindfulness colouring book for adults.

We live in an ever so stressful world with too much to do and never enough time. Your brain deserves a break! Adult colouring books will help you silence the noise and rediscover the beauty of your mind. Designed by a passionate and loving artist, the detailed patterns in this peculiar colouring book will bring out the inner child in you. Maria is an award-winning cook who turns her love for art into outstanding drawings, quills, dot patterns and mandala colouring books for adults.

Each Mandala pattern has an intricate level of design to keep you fully engaged.

No need to worry about leaking as every page is on a separate page. This book has high-quality paper suitable for crayons, pastels, or coloured pencils.

Scroll up, click on Add to Basket, and try this mindful anti-stress activity.

This book includes a digital copy in PDF format of all the drawings in the book, with 10 extra drawings as a gift. You can download it through a link on the final page of the book. This means you can print out your favorite drawings as many times as you like, and try to colour them in many different ways.

ISBN: 9789953048338
Publisher: Maria Hajj
Pub Date: 04/2019
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.49lbs
Size: 11.00h x 8.50w x 0.18d

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Weight 0.49 lbs
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