Managing Ibs

Author: Lisa Das


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Publisher: Penguin Life
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‘The definitive guide to managing IBS’ Professor Qasim Aziz

Irritable bowel syndrome is a complex and frustrating condition that is not yet fully understood but affects an astounding ten per cent of the global population.

The troubling conundrum is that the most common IBS symptoms are also manifestations of several other gastrointestinal disorders, and IBS is also closely associated with many physical and mental health conditions. Unfortunately, IBS patients don’t often get the right advice or the support they need.

In Managing IBS, Dr Lisa Das, UK-leading gastroenterologist and IBS specialist, offers practical, empowering and evidence-based advice on how to manage and treat the condition successfully. Sharing a wealth of accessible information and drawing on decades of experience, Dr Das will explore:

– What IBS is and how the digestive system works
– IBS symptom red flags
– Symptom-based medication treatment
– Dietary, psychological and lifestyle treatments
– Normal bowel movement
– Questions to ask your doctor

This essential and concise guide will equip you with all the answers you need to take your health into your own hands and better understand, manage and treat IBS.

‘An absolute must read’ Professor Dame Lesley Regan

‘A comprehensive guide to understanding IBS, and a timely reminder that no one should suffer in silence’ Jo Cunningham, Clinical Director of The Gut Health Clinic

ISBN: 9780241530030
Publisher: Penguin Life
Pub Date: 09/2022
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