Madison and the Bridges of Owatteru


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Publisher: Silver Leaf Books
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When Corrie threw up all over Jazzy, the new girl in our mystical arts class, we had no idea that she lived all alone or that her whole family was missing. We were too busy to make a new friend – Cor was really sick and my Dad had just announced that we were selling our forever house and moving into the seriously haunted mansion he’d half fixed up. Besides, we were about to start out weekend trainings at The Greece Academy’s actual campus!

Who knew that Jazzy was invited to fo there too? Or why? She had no powers and no training. All she cared about was finding her family. She was spooked at Greene, seeing “ghosts” everywhere; she even messed with the mystical training tools and nearly got lost inside a magical trap!

Meanwhile, a real ghost howleed through our dorms late at night and there were scary rumblings about other dark secrets on campus. We got so caught up in helpng Jazzy find her family and in trying to banish the wailing ghost with our mystical friends that we never saw the real menace approaching – until it was too late.

ISBN: 9781609752958
Publisher: Silver Leaf Books
Pub Date: 10/2022
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.98 lbs
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