Macedonian Cookbook: Macedonian Cooking Made Easy with Classic Authentic Recipes from Macedonia ***Black & White Edition***


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Bring the flavors of Macedonia to your table with this collection of classic and authentic Macedonian recipes

Macedonian cuisine shares characteristics of Balkan cuisines and has a strong influence from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, therefore its dishes are unique in both taste and preparation. This cookbook is written in a style to make it easier for everyone to follow. High-quality images are provided to give readers a glance at how a dish actually looks. This cookbook includes 50 traditional Macedonian recipes that are natural and delicious for everyday meals ranging from breakfast to dessert. This cookbook provides an exclusive collection of recipes traditionally cooked in Macedonia. Most of the common ingredients are tomatoes and red peppers. Explore a wide range of recipes, all suitable for beginner and seasoned cooks. Prepare delicious and traditional meals for your family and enjoy Macedonian cuisine.Inside the cookbook, you’ll find:

  • A short introduction to Macedonian recipes.
  • Everything you need to know when cooking Macedonian dishes containing dairy and milk products, Macedonian key ingredients including tomatoes and red pepper, and tips to care for your Macedonian cookware.
  • Traditional breakfast recipes like Mekitsi and Burek.
  • Mouthwatering appetizers and side recipes like Red mashed potatoes appetizer, the Leek Dip, and the Roasted Peppers with Garlic.
  • Wholesome chicken recipes like the Oven-Baked Rice with Chicken, the Chicken Stew, and the Crispy chicken breast with Mashed Potatoes.
  • Delicious meat recipes such as the Meatballs in Tomato sauce, the Cabbage Casserole with smoked pork meat, and famous Tavche Gravche Baked beans with sausages.
  • Satisfying vegetarian dishes like the Stuffed Banana peppers with cottage cheese, the Zucchini Fritters in Tomato Sauce, and the Vegetable Casserole.
  • Easy-to-prepare preserves like the Ajvar, the Cherry Preserves, and the Tomato Sauce
  • Luscious dessert recipes like the Rice pudding, the Baklava with Walnuts, and the Apple Cake.

Recipes include images, a detailed list of ingredients, the prep and cooking times, the number of servings, step-by-step cooking directions, and the nutritional facts per serving.***Please note that this cookbook’s images are in black and white. There is a full-color edition of this cookbook also available.***

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