Living in the Deep Brain: Connecting with Your Intuition


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“Trust your gut.” So easy to say. But what does it mean?
In Rory Miller’s world, it means living in your senses. It means responding from a place of awareness, training, and experience without the mental chatter and over-thinking that can slow you down and make you choke under stress.

But what is intuition?
How do you know if yours is trustworthy?
Can you heal damaged intuition?

“…if it wasn’t for this mechanism, this seemingly magical ability called “intuition” would just simply be how we perceive all the time. Intuition is what your brain and senses are already doing ALL THE TIME. Your social conditioning acts as a filter to suppress your natural way to perceive, and it is so good at it that we are amazed when our brain occasionally functions the way it is meant to.”

Your intuition is not some stranger that you can choose to trust. It is a part of you, and like every part of you it needs to be nurtured and trained to become effective.

Open the door to the deep brain. What you find may surprise you.

ISBN: 9781952110009
Publisher: Wyrd Goat Press, LLC
Pub Date: 01/2020
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.48 lbs
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