Lincoln Cent Error Coin Guide 2023: Unsurpassed and Comprehensive


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Welcome to the 2023 Lincoln Cent Error Coin Guide – Color Edition. No other coin series has as many errors as the Lincoln cent series. This book is essential for collectors looking for errors for fun and profit, as it contains thousands of errors, including hundreds of RPMs and doubled dies.
There are no other coin guides with over 1,000 error listings and thousands of line items presenting the values gathered from hundreds of auctions over 15 years.
There are three major error categories: striking, planchet, and die errors. Planchet errors include those with defects, incorrect alloy, and transitional errors. Striking errors include all errors created in the minting process. Die errors are the result of creating and reworking dies.
Included in this guide is a listing of all error coins with photos and descriptions. A chapter is dedicated to Lincoln cent RPM and doubled die errors since 1909. No other guide has a glossary of numismatic terms as extensive and validated by PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and other numismatic organizations.
There are eight double-die classifications, some of which are not easy to detect without knowledge of the error type. An appendix is provided with the classifications, descriptions, and photos.
The author has over 60 years of collecting experience, long before the grading services recognized error coins.

ISBN: 9798832682440
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