Like a Shadow: The Life and Training of a Guardian Warrior


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Some call him Scout, many would call him Warrior, and still others know him as Protector. To Native people he is Guardian. He is the manifestation of their courage, selflessness, and desire to serve. The Guardian can be female or male, old or young. He is invisible, alert, and detached. He is sentry, wayfinder, messenger, ambassador, sleuth, defender, provider, brother, and sister. His presence gives peace of mind to his people so that they can comfortably pursue their day’s activities and rest peacefully at night.In this day, the Guardian is needed again by his people, perhaps like never before. This book guides you to where he can be found within yourself. You may be surprised to discover how close he lives to your heart. All people need protection–from the weather, a natural disaster, or sometimes perhaps from an “enemy,” other times from the burdens of clan and family, and occasionally even from ourselves. The Guardian is trained to serve as a protector in all of these ways.Perhaps most importantly, the Guardian protects her people’s state of well-being, by helping to assure a low level of stress and a high level of personal satisfaction in life. She fills in when parents need a helping hand. She protects and defends someone who is being persecuted or falsely accused. She stands up for the exploited and disadvantaged. She protects people from their own folly, from their shortsightedness and errors of judgment. Functioning from a place of greater perspective, she is able to foresee what peril looms ahead.When a Guardian meets conflict on her mission, her high degree of training in methods of camouflage, avoidance, and deception allows her to minimize her impact upon others. She has a highly attuned spiritual sense; she understands that the Lifeforce in others is the same substance that flows through her, so she grants those who stand in her Path the utmost respect and space. If there is no other way to navigate around them, she removes them in the least disruptive and harmful way possible. When she has no choice but to fight, the Guardian does not fight against anything or anyone; she fights for Balance, connection, and respect for all creatures on Earth.This book is a complete Guardian training manual, giving you the awarenesses, diet, and exercises to bring out your fullest performance potential. First, you meet the traditional Guardian; then, you find the Guardian within you. You discover how you can serve your people and your mother planet with the same sense of purpose and service as the Guardians of old. And just as importantly, you gain the deep sense of fulfillment that comes from performing at your creative, physical, intellectual, and intuitive peak.

ISBN: 9780996656115
Publisher: Snow Wolf Publishing
Pub Date: 10/2020
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