Lies Trickery Obfuscation

Author: John Brown



A retrospective point of view seems quite capable of accurately identifying fallacious socially constructed realities as well as widely shared cultural perspectives based on falsehoods. Thus, the enhanced analytical ability afforded by a 21st century standpoint often evokes a sense of bewilderment and sometimes horror. For example, an objective study of the 20th century easily identifies the specious nature of a socially constructed reality formed in Europe, which featured the preposterous lie that rigorous research had confirmed the “Aryan race” as biologically superior to the inferior and dangerous “Jewish race.” Additionally, the widely accepted view of the subordinate position of women in Western society, prior to the achievement of fair-minded sensibilities by the general public and the implementation of accordant legal policies, is seen as an absurd social construct to the minds of contemporary citizens. Yet, in present-time, the ability to clearly identify socially constructed realities based on falsehoods is often significantly impaired.

The desire by postmodern intellectuals and aligned activists for certain coveted, yet spurious, social perspectives to be widely accepted in society is manifested in the attempt to seize both cultural narrative authority and political power. Through the lens of a post-postmodern philosophical perspective, i.e., Integral Philosophy and Domain Theory, Lies-Trickery-Obfuscation examines the shrewd use of specific lies, the artful application of techniques of trickery and the strategic operation of crafty practices of obfuscation in efforts to securely realize normative status for three foremost and consequential socially constructed realities in contemporary society-which are ultimately revealed to be completely false.

ISBN: 9781088071144
Publisher: John Brown
Pub Date: 10/2022
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