Lectin Free Cookbook: 50 Quick & Easy Lectin Free Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss, Better Health and a Sharper Mind (7 Day Meal Plan To Help P


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If you want to stop unexpected bloating, get rid of inflammations, eliminate indigestion and get ride of excess fat then keep reading…

If your stomach constantly hurts after a meal or you suffer from a bad case of digestive disorders, leaky gut and inflammation and you’re tired of letting your condition ruin an otherwise perfect or productive day, then this guide is for you.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then lectins could be responsible for your problems. If you haven’t heard of lectins before, then pay attention, as this might save you or a loved one from suffering.Lectins are proteins that helps plant cells interact with each other and defends the plants from insects, pests and other microorganisms. This is all fine and dandy, just one problem.

They are resistant to digestion when consumed by humans.

This property of lectins come with harmful side effects. They often block absorption of useful nutrients, damages the fragile lining of the intestines, leads to flatulence and all kinds of nasty stuff.

Not good.

In this guide, Clarissa Fleming lucidly explains why seemingly healthy foods can wreak havoc on your body system and why eating fewer carbs and more veggies and plants may not be all that healthy, especially if you suffer from lectin-induced symptoms.

You’re also going to learn how to avoid lectins in your daily meals with loads of scrumptious lectin-free recipes for all times of the day to help you live a longer, healthier life.

Among the insights contained in the Lectin-Free Cookbook, you’re going to find:

  • Everything you need to know about lectins–their effects in our bodies and how they interact with our body cells
  • The 7 deadly disruptors found in foodstuff, fast foods and modern personal care items that quietly cause harm and major damage to people’s health and how to avoid them
  • 4 wholesome, life-changing benefits of switching to the lectin-free lifestyle to help you improve your digestion and stop diseases like inflammation, leaky gut and even cancer in their tracks
  • The three phases of switching over to the lectin-free diet to help you minimize or eliminate the pain of withdrawal from lectin-loaded foods
  • The ultimate grocery list of recommended lectin-free foods for losing weight, maintaining an ideal body shape and improving your gut health from oils and seeds to fruits and veggies
  • Foods that should be taken in moderation when on the lectin-free diet
  • 50 mouthwatering, lectin-free recipes with breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas as well as a collection of healthy snack to satisfy your sugar cravings
  • Surefire tips to help you adhere to the lectin-free diet while in a restaurant or on a vacation
  • …and more

Whether you’re looking for a permanent solution to your gut-related problems or you’re looking for a healthier alternative to mainstream diets, this guide contains everything you need to know about the lectin-free lifestyle.

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ISBN: 9781647138783
Publisher: Jordan Alexo
Pub Date: 10/2019
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