Lectin Free Cookbook: 40 Delicious Recipes, Tips and Tricks For Beginners All in One Cookbook (BONUS: 21-Day Meal Plan To Help Lose Weight,


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Losing weight sucks right? Not really, here’s a delicious way to get started…

Most people don’t know or understand that lectin is found in practically all our food and that it can be harmful to your gut and can create or make worse diseases such as diabetes, cancer, chronic digestive conditions, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Have you tried to lose weight and diet, see some success, and then see your weight stall or you begin to gain it back? The possibility is that lectins have worked their way into your body and what they’re doing is obstructing your ability to absorb food properly, leaving you to feel hungry more often. Yet, there is something that you can do about it and begin to get your body’s digestive system back on track and actually see the weight that you want to lose come off.

Although everyone is different, this book is beneficial for all, both men and women, and children as well. The book is designed to provide you with recipes that you can easily make over a 21-day period providing you with meals from breakfast through dinner as well as snacks and desserts.

There is so much to learn about how lectins can be harmful and how you can change the way you eat to ward off their ill effects. Here are a few highlights to mention:

  • What lectins are and how they interact with the cells in your body and why it is important to understand the damage this can do to our gut.
  • How certain foods, when not cooked carefully and thoroughly, can be extremely harmful, actually toxic to your gut, and that those toxins have been found in the foods we’ve always thought to be “healthy.”
  • How the lectin-free diet, created by Dr. Steven Gundry, a former cardiothoracic surgeon, has people losing weight and overcoming or having better maintenance of their illnesses that have been affected by lectins.
  • Why eating omega-3 eggs and sweet potatoes are extremely important for heart health and the immune system
  • That you are actually encouraged to eat one ounce of dark chocolate a day
  • That lectins cause inflammation in the body, the main cause related to many diseases such as cancer and diabetes
  • That you may not even know you are affected by lectins and have always felt the way you do, not knowing that you can feel better
  • That the recipes found in this book have been created by people just like you who wanted to lose weight, feel better physically, and enjoy what they eat
  • And much more……
    This book will be a valued part of your life.​​​​

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ISBN: 9781647138943
Publisher: Jordan Alexo
Pub Date: 10/2019
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