Learning to Say Goodbye


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Publisher: Jo Dee Lang
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Isn’t it fun to play with grandma, have saber fights with siblings, roast marshmallows with friends, or go on a bike ride with dad? For this family of whimsical bears, being together is what they love most.

But saying goodbye is hard when one has to go home, whether that home is next door, in another state, or home with God. How can you feel happy again when you can’t see your loved one?

The Bear family learns that there are different ways to find peace and comfort during times of grief, that it’s okay to be sad, that you can feel joy and pain at the same time, and that perhaps your loved one isn’t as far away as they feel.

At times, tears still come because grief isn’t about stages, it’s the ebb and flow as the days become your life. Grief can be halting; but it can also humble, refine, and strengthen you. You become more than you were because of the love you share.

ISBN: 9781639014071
Publisher: Jo Dee Lang
Pub Date: 05/2021
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.27 lbs
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