Lead for a Change


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A leader’s guide for performing while transforming

With over thirty years’ experience as a senior executive, Dr. Ronald S. Glickman shares practical techniques to execute effective change initiatives, develop high-potential talent, and motivate teams to deliver breakthrough results on a global scale. A timely and important book for leaders at any stage in their career journey, Lead for a Change explains why the goal of change management is not happiness, but meeting and exceeding clear expectations. Well-defined expectations align diverse stakeholders on measurements for future performance and establish a foundation for individual and group accountability.

Glickman uses leadership theory, real-world examples, and action-learning exercises to explain three essential success factors:

Change Management. Strategic change requires a clear destination, explicit expectations, and the ability to be flexible in identifying obstacles and correcting course.

Experiential Learning. Leading change and realizing your potential is a process that can be learned through preparation, self-examination, and the willingness to grow from mistakes and successes.

Employee Engagement. People make change happen; involving and supporting them in each phase of the change journey is vital.

There are innumerable ways to lead. This approachable guide frames proven strategies as ingredients for leaders at any level to create context-specific recipes for spearheading change initiatives that deliver meaningful results and accomplish positive change.

ISBN: 9781632996398
Publisher: River Grove Books
Pub Date: 01/2023
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