Layman’s Guide to Irish Law: An Introduction to the Irish Legal System

Author: Teresa Clyne


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The booklet is written in my own spoken English, the way you would chat to your friends about the law, not academic English, it is written as it is spoken, so if you’re looking for that amazingly grammatically correct academic law book, this is NOT it, but if you are looking for a plain English explanation of the Irish legal system, then your in the right place… Have you ever wanted to know about the Irish legal system? but every time you picked up any textbooks or even articles you were completely put off by the terminology?. Maybe it left you feeling that you would have to learn a whole new language just to be able to read it, let alone understand it. Well look no further; my books are compiled so that all of the terminology, rules and principles are explained in plain spoken English, leaving you to enjoy learning about the law in Ireland without the headache of terminology and confounding principles. You can master the terminology once you have mastered what the heck they actually mean.Welcome to my series of law textbooks for beginners. When you first start reading law, the terminology (wording), doctrines (procedural steps, or tests) or principles (rules) can be overwhelming. This is a great starter book for those who are new to the subject of Irish law. This book covers topics such as the Irish court system, organs of state, legislative processes, lawyers, the Common law, legislation, the European Union, human rights, legal theory, constitutional law and jurisprudence.It covers topics such as: The Irish Legal SystemWhat is a legal system. What is a crime. The distinction between criminal and civil cases. The burden and standard of proof. Classification of Laws. Substantive Law . Procedural Law. Civil Law. Criminal law. Natural Law. Canon law. The Rule of Law. Common law compared to Civil law. Common Law. Civil Law. Pre Common Law in Ireland. Brehon Law. Sources of law in Ireland. European Community Law. The Doctrine of Supremacy. The European Community Treaties. Regulations. Directives. The EU institutions. The Organs of the EU. The Irish Constitution. Fundamental personal rights guaranteed under the Irish constitution. Common Law. Acts of the Oireachtas or Legislation. Primary Legislation. Delegated Secondary legislation. Associated Statutory Instruments. The Rule of Law. The Separation of Powers. The Attorney General. The Organs of State. The President. The Executive. The Legislative. The Judiciary. Judicial Independence. The legislative process in Ireland. Statutory Interpretation. Aids to Interpretation. Intrinsic aids. Extrinsic aids. Interpretation Acts. The Law of Equity. The Maxims of Equity. Equitable Remedies. An Introduction to the Irish Court System. The District Court in Ireland. The Small Claims Court. The Circuit Court in Ireland. The High Court in Ireland. Structure of the High Court of Ireland. The Court of Appeal in Ireland. Appeals in criminal proceedings. Appealing decisions of the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court in Ireland. Personnel involved in the court room. The Differences between a solicitor and a barrister in Irish law. Suing a Solicitor or Barrister. The lighter side of the law. Multiple Choice Questions. Glossary of Terms

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