Law of Attraction – 30 Practical Exercises


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Although I had read dozens of self help books and knew all there was to know about the law of attraction, I wasn’t really ‘practising’ it. I was still struggling with several areas of my life – a career I disliked, a bank balance that anyone would be ashamed of and a non-existent love life. After a very low point in my life I decided enough was enough. I had to take charge and get my life back on track. Using everything I had learned about the law of attraction, I compiled a selection of practical exercises for my own personal use and challenged myself to regularly use them for 60 days. What happened in that short time was nothing short of a miracle. I got the opportunity to work in an industry that I had been dreaming about for the last 3 years, my income increased and I felt happier than I had for a very long time. Fast forward and I am now my own boss I am financially free and happily married with a beautiful, healthy daughter. My world has changed considerably because of the exercises contained in this book and yours can too. Consistently focusing on these law of attraction exercises centered my attention on the end result and that is the real to key to success. This book provides you with the practical know-how to manifest whatever it is you choose in your life, whether that is financial freedom, better relationships, your dream home, better health, loving friendships, a successful business or a healthy, happy family. The power is in your hands.

ISBN: 9781515110187
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Pub Date: 07/2015
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