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Tristan Egolf’s new novel is a book about the return of an old curse — the Kornwolf, a ferocious werewolf whose nocturnal rampaging becomes increasingly impossible to ignore. Kornwolf takes the reader for a good old-fashioned romp in the stubble — a journey through the slums and honky tundra of rural Pennsylvania, where nothing quite passes for good or bad, sublime or dismal, discrete or brash. And then the monotony breaks. Something — a freak of creation — is running amok in the fields. To solve the mystery, three generations of prodigal sons — a writer and hometown boy who swore he’d never come back to Penn’s Woods; a middle-aged former pugilist who runs a decrepit boxing gym; and a misfit, mute, beaten-down Amish boy — are brought together by the light of a blue moon, in a town called Blue Ball. On one level this is a masterfully orchestrated, hilarious, and compelling take on the classic horror yarn, on another, Kornwolf is a social satire of suburban sprawl, closed minds, and all manners and varieties of self-satisfaction — Amish, civilian, or… other — in the best tradition of Tom Robbins and George Saunders.

ISBN: 9780802170163
Publisher: Grove Press, Black Cat
Pub Date: 11/2005
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.96lbs
Size: 8.30h x 5.52w x 1.04d

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Weight 0.96 lbs
Dimensions 8.30 × 5.52 × 1.04 in