Karen’s Lateral Thinking Puzzles: The Next Level Riddle And Logic Game Book For Adults Who Wants To Give Their Brain A Good Workout

Author: Karen J. Bun


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Do you worry about your memory? Are you looking for a fun way to “exercise” your brain but are not sure how you can do it? Then you need to keep on reading…Tired about forgetting things?Feel like you are always stuck in the same “loop?”Looking for a new way to see your life?Fed up with the same old, boring stories you hear at dinners and get-togethers?If you are ready to expand your thinking and enjoy a good laugh, you have chosen the right puzzle book Changing how you think about a problem and supporting your brain health does not need to be hard or boring. After reading the puzzles in this book, you will probably find that it is much more fun that you thought it would be First described in the late 1960s, lateral thinking emerged as a way to approach a situation or a problem in a non-vertical, illogical way. It encourages the participants to think about the situation, not in the step-by-step process of traditional reason, but to look at all the different possibilities, even when they are absurd Various studies have shown that challenging your reasoning skills in this manner can help you activate parts of your brain that are not often engaged. This extra engagement leads to a healthier state of mind, and even just encouraging you to laugh and smile a bit more. When a scenario is wildly different than the “norm,” most people’s natural reaction is to laugh or smile at it. Because every story and puzzle in this book offers a unique solution to the situation, you are sure to get some smiling done Below are several of the highlights you will find inside this book: -Whimsical stories told with engaging situations and characters.-Absurd solutions that are plausible, but definitely unusual -Silly math equations encouraging you to think outside the traditional, two-dimensional realm.-More than 20 puzzles outlining realistic situations with unbelievable answers.-A couple of one-liners that are great for pulling out at parties and special occasions-sure to generate a laugh.-A couple of morbid stories and scenarios that will make you laugh, but feel a little guilty about it. -Inspiration to begin thinking about your real life more laterally to find unique answers to your life problems, questions, or situations. And so much more Prior to diving into the first puzzles in this book, stop to think about how you would solve the following question, “A man walks into a bar, the barkeep pulls a gun, the man says, “thank you,” and leaves. What happened?” If you are stumped, confused, or unsure of where to start to answer this, then you are ready. If you think you have the answer, comb through the following puzzles to find out if you are right Think about how fun it will be to not only know how to approach a puzzle like this, but be able to share them with others, too Even if you are unsure about how to think more laterally, you can engage your brain and train it to see the unusual in the usual. You can find alternate meanings and outcomes to puzzles as you become a more creative thinker. If you are ready to laugh, cringe, smile, be confused, challenged, and smarter, then scroll up and place this book into your shopping cart now

ISBN: 9781686711176
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Pub Date: 08/2019
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