Kamado Joe Smoker Recipes: Cookbook For Smoking Poultry Beef Pork Seafood Wild Game

Author: Jack Downey


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If your into succulent meats fish and everything in between then this book is for you. The purpose of this Smoker Recipe Book is to teach you the rules of the grill. Though it may seem like a no brainer there are actually a few timeless adages of meat and fire and ways to tame the flame and smoke.In this smoker recipe book you will learn to know your heat zones. A wildly hot smoker can be a dangerous proposition. When you’ve spent a little cash on something special you don’t want the outside charred and center of the meat raw or uncooked. Nor do want the taste of barbecue fluid, so don’t even think it. Lose the fluid Also think outside the box, like forget the fork. Quit poking holes in your meats and letting out the juices. Use spatulas or tongs so as not to damage the precious meat being prepared by the awesome chef your about to become.Marvel in the marinade recipes, rubs recipes, brine’s and master what is a fine art to becoming the smoker guru. One thing you also should know is like everything in this world you have to give the meat a rest too. Give your meat a chance for the juices to stop swirling wildly and absorb back into your smoked masterpiece.If you’ve tamed the temperature just right your meat will be as delicious as any professional at your local cook off contests Incidentally if you expect to win then your going to need these off the chart smoker recipes.Plenty of people like to pore over their recipe collection. Like myself they select the ultimate selection of recipes for their next meal improvising like a jazz musician playing his instrument. They look forward to smoking there next recipe for that exquisite ultimate flavor.The biggest goal of this book is to have you enjoying those smoked meat cravings be it beef, pork, poultry, or wild game just as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to mix and match any rub, marinade or seasonings.However do try to smoke every recipe in the book to gain the knowledge of a pro. Personally I’ve have no issues with the pleasures of chef dom myself.But I’m the happiest when the meal is done and it’s on it’s way to my mouth. Enjoy

ISBN: 9798611922682
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Pub Date: 02/2020
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