Kabbalah for Beginners: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism

Author: Theo Lalvani


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The Kabbalah has long languished in darkness, unknown outside the confines of Jewish Mysticism and the communities who practiced it. But today, the Kabbalah is well-known but often misunderstood.

The story of Kabbalah is as old as Judaism itself, with many of the ideas present in the Hebrew Scriptures interpreted in the canon of Kabbalah. Applying Jewish theological premises and Neo-Platonist cosmology, the Kabbalists created a systematic interpretation of familiar Creation Narrative in the Book of Genesis, which today illuminates and serves Judaism. At the same time, Kabbalistic concepts have entered mainstream consciousness with great interest expressed in mainstream Christianity and even in modern science.

ISBN: 9780645071979
Publisher: Creek Ridge Publishing
Pub Date: 05/2021
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