Judo: Throws and Counters

Author: Eric Dominy



Judo is a fighting sport, calling for courage and endurance, but it also teaches both mental and physical control and balance. If you want to excel at the sport of judo, this remarkable handbook offers you a ready-made course. It gives you a complete orientation to the principles, practices and techniques of judo, helps you develop split-second timing and flawless technique as you learn to master the most difficult throws and counters.

Dealing exclusively with throws and counters this is an indispensable guide for the beginning or experienced Judoka looking to increase their contest ability. Each stage is carefully and clearly explained with the aid of illustrations, as the Judoka is taken through the various moves and counter-moves available against particular throws.

More than any other guide, this book makes takes a methodical approach to the various throwing techniques incorporated in standard Judo practice. Looking at each technique the reader is guided first through the “Opportunity” that may present itself for executing a particular throw, then follows the proscribed “Approach” for that technique and lastly how to “Avoid” and “Counter”. Heavy-line drawings, made accurately from actual motion pictures of judo contests, illustrate each phase of the throws as well as illustrations of the proper foot placements.

Author Eric Dominy (1918-1992) was a founding member of the London Judo Society and has written several books on martial arts, particularly Judo and was considered an expert in this field of self- defense.

From the Foreword by E.J. Harrison

“. . . I regard Mr. Dominy’s new book as a valuable contribution to the ever-swelling bibliography of Judo. It bears the hallmarks of a vigorous subjective approach to the problems involved and should appeal to all Judoka of whatever age susceptible to new or altered interpretations of techniques in their infinite variety.

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Pub Date: 07/2022
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