Jo’s Boys


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In the fourth and final book in the quartet, the boys from Plumfield have grown-up, but young men face as many troubles as children do, and they are all still “Jo’s boys”

“Jo’s Boys” follows the progress of the Plumfield Boys (Jo Bhaer’s idyllic school), 10 years later. Now college students, the boys have evolved into complex creatures. Falling in love and making their way in life, they are faced with trials and tribulations. Emil’s career as a sailor runs into trouble as he is shipwrecked on his first voyage as second mate. Dan goes west to seek his fortune but soon finds himself in prison, but also in love with the unobtainable Bess–Amy’s beautiful daughter. Nat embarks on a musical career in Europe and thus leaves behind his Daisy. Tommy takes on medical school. Throughout it all Jo presides over her brood, counseling, comforting, and guiding her “boys.” Touching, moving, and tumultuous, this is Alcott’s writing at its best, with the reader heavily invested in her complex characters and their fate. Includes an extended character profile of Jo.

ISBN: 9781843915133
Publisher: Hesperus Press
Pub Date: 11/2014
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