Jesus: The Explosive Story of the Thirty Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions



A breathtaking work of staggering research and synthesis that provides startling new information and context to the first thirty years of Jesus’ life

Where was Jesus for the first thirty years of his life? Where and what was he taught? Who were his teachers?

Based on new information culled from hard to find Vatican texts, theosophical classics, ancient texts, legends, and systems of hermetic symbolism, Tricia McCannon constructs a radical new timeline of Jesus’ life. She assert Jesus spent at least seven years of study and training in Egypt, a number of years in England, and visited both India and Tibet before beginning his public ministry in Palestine.

This is a wide-ranging examination of the direct links and similarities between Jesus’ teachings and those of various Mystery religions and sects that were popular during his lifetime, including the Essenes, Buddhist, Mithrans, Zoroastrians, and Druids. McCannon offers compelling evidence that places Jesus’s life and mission firmly in the context of the profound spiritual teachings that came before him.

Drawing on records from the Vatican, Tibet, India, and Egypt, along with Greek, Aramaic, and Pali text, as well as oral traditions of Jesus’s teachings, McCannon uncovers the real reason that he has remained such a powerful and pivotal figure in world consciousness for over two millennia.

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Pub Date: 03/2010
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