Jerky Cookbook: 100 Recipes and A DIY Guide for Easy Cooking, Dehydrating and Marinating Meat, Beef, Fish, Game and Vegetables.


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Are you looking for a healthy way to make high-protein, satisfying snacks in your own oven? Then keep reading Beef jerky is a popular commodity that can cost as much as $20 per bag It’s a high-protein, low carb, delicious way to keep you satisfied between meals and to keep your diet on track, so it would be a dream come true if it were more accessible to the average person. Well, with this guide, it is This guide includes everything you need to get started dehydrating and creating jerky in your own home, with the meats that you love You’re not just restricted to beef with these delicious recipes. Beef, pork, turkey, lamb, and so much more can be made into delicious snacks to feed the whole family In this guide, you’ll find: -Delicious marinade recipes to tenderize your meats and pack them full of flavor-Tips for creating a healthy, low-carb meal plan-Tips on preparing your meat for the most delicious jerky-Answers to all the most common questions about meat dehydration-Tips for storing your jerky that will keep it fresh for months-So much more Stop paying astronomical prices for low-carb snacks and start enjoying the process of making your own at home You don’t have to settle for the flavors and types that are available at your local supermarket any longer Now you call the shots on what flavors of beef jerky you keep in your home, and you can try new recipes every single week Click “Buy Now” to start making your own delicious jerky at home

ISBN: 9781673892413
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Pub Date: 12/2019
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