Japanese Cookbook for Beginners: Classic and Modern Recipes Made Easy



Embark on a culinary adventure to Japan!


apanese cooking has evolved not from one culture, but from many cultures, histories, and influences.

This introductory Japanese cookbook will lead the beginner from learning Japanese cuisine basics to creating traditional and modern dishes!

What sets this cookbook apart:

100 mouthwatering recipes―With so many delicious choices, like the classic Miso Soup and Super Simple Ramen, or the more contemporary Bacon Fried Rice and Football Sushi, it’s impossible to pick a favorite.

Japanese kitchen prep―This cookbook shows you how to stock up on essential, authentic ingredients common to Japanese cooking, as well as must-have tools and utensils.

Beginner basics―Recipes feature Japanese cooking techniques, minimal steps, and suggestions for easy-to-find ingredient substitutions. Plus, many meals can be made in 30 minutes or less, which translates to weeknight family dinners.

Discover the art of Japanese cooking with the user-friendly Japanese Cookbook for Beginners!

ISBN: 9781803896885
Publisher: Intell World Publishers
Pub Date: 05/2022
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.04lbs
Size: 11.00h x 8.50w x 0.42d

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Weight 1.04 lbs
Dimensions 11.00 × 8.50 × 0.42 in