Interpreting Archaeology: What Archaeological Discoveries Reveal about the Past

Author: Neil Falkner


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From Stonehenge to Tutankhamun’s tomb, this highly visual full-color hardback traces the history of civilization through crucial archaeological discoveries.

Highlighting both famous and lesser-known digs, Interpreting Archaeology takes readers on a journey around the world, revealing the reasons for the Eastern Roman Empire’s survival; what life was like in Tudor London or Mughal Delhi; and the legacies of revolutions and wars. Stunning full-color photography breathes life into these fascinating histories, along with an in-depth timeline and useful feature boxes.

Neolithic period: hominins, early tools, Neanderthals
Bronze Age: the pyramids of Giza, Mesoamerica, the Shang Dynasty
Iron Age: the Terracotta Army, African ironworking, the Great Wall of China
The Roman Empire: Caesar’s army, amphitheatres, the Roman villas
The Medieval World: feudalism, castles, Easter Island
The Archaeology of Modernity

Culminating in an assessment of what the archaeologist of the future might find themselves searching for, this insightful review of the part that archaeology plays in our study of our own history shows how valuable lessons can be learnt and have an impact on our lives today.

ISBN: 9781398820760
Publisher: Sirius Entertainment
Pub Date: 02/2023
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