Instructions for Armourers – Martini-Henry: Instructions for Care and Repair of Martini Enfield


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Know your rifle!

Do you own or are you thinking about acquiring a Martini-Henry rifle or carbine? If so, this concise book will serve you well.

On these pages, you will learn how to take apart, reassemble, and maintain your vintage Martini-Henry. And you’ll be learning from the primary source, her majesty’s 19th-century Armourers who were charged with the care and repair of the British Army’s Martini-Henrys and Martini-Enfields.

The Martini-Henry gunsmithing hacks detail how to:

  • Disassemble and reassemble the action.

  • Adjust breech block height for smoother operation.

  • Troubleshoot and repair a defective loading lever.

  • Assess striker impact location on the primer.

  • Fine-tune trigger pull-off without causing an unintended discharge.

  • Strip the stock, barrel, and action.

Investing time learning the nuances of the Martini-Henry family of firearms will pay big dividends:

  • Expanding your knowledge base about the Victorian era firearm

  • Lending you more confidence working on them.

  • Make you the go-to guy for troubleshooting problem Martini-Henrys.

Modestly illustrated, the text includes schematic drawings of the action and drawings for modifying internal parts for more efficient operation.

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ISBN: 9780934523554
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Pub Date: 04/2016
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