Instant Pot(R) Mini Cooking for Two: Beginners Guide with Fast and Tasty Recipes for Your 3-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker: A Cookbook for Instant Pot


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Publisher: Pulsar Publishing
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Instant Pot(R) Mini Cooking for Two – the only one cookbook you need for perfectly portioned weeknight meals with no leftovers, no waste, and no guesswork.

Instant Pot Mini Cookbook for Two is what you really need if you like tasty meals but aren’t ready to spend hours in your kitchen. Here you’ll find some of the most nutritious, simple, and healthy Instant Pot Mini recipes that you can easily convert into mouth-watering dishes that are the perfect size for two

The Instant Pot Mini Cookbook for Two contains:

  • A DETAILED OVERVIEW of the main Instant Pot Mini functions and features, including the key benefits for busy couples, special Instant Pot Mini options, and settings for cooking different cuisines
  • USEFUL TIPS AND TRICKS that help you make your Instant Pot Mini your best friend in the kitchen. Chapter 2 includes general advice on how to cook Instant Pot meals for two with your Instant Pot Mini, how to overcome the most common IP problems, and, of course, how to clean this invaluable kitchen device properly
  • 50+ RECIPES FOR TWO inspire you to cook a true masterpiece every time you visit your kitchen. Look into the limitless possibilities of your Instant Pot Mini and enjoy your meals without spending too much time cooking
  • POPULAR WEEKNIGHT MEALS like Thai Green Curry, Potato Soup with Cheese and Bacon, Shrimp Pasta to all-season favorites like Quinoa Tabbouleh, or Indian Cheesecake for Two.

With this handy guide, you can expand your knowledge about the Instant Pot Mini and make your life much easier and healthier.

ISBN: 9781954605176
Publisher: Pulsar Publishing
Pub Date: 01/2021
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.44lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.50w x 0.16d

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Weight 0.44 lbs
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