Insta-Trust: The Proven Trust Building Process to Create Instant Rapport & Long Term Relationships



The Proven Trust Building Process To Create Instant Rapport & Long Term Relationships.

You are a licensed professional, a salesperson, or someone else whose livelihood depends on making deals. Regardless of the field in which you work, your income requires you to bring in new business. Although you are excellent at the technical aspects of your job, many new parties won’t give you a chance to work with them. What’s the problem?

The problem is you are spending way too much time selling yourself and your skill set instead of engaging with the person sitting across from you as a human being with a distinct personality and specific needs. In this fast-paced world, you need to gain trust quickly in professional interactions. How do you do that? You build Insta-Trust.

Insta-Trust is a groundbreaking approach to trust-building that offers clear-cut strategies for personalizing your outreach to potential clients and generating successful negotiation outcomes. This client-centric method primes you to quickly assess the personal and professional needs of the person with whom you would like to do business. Using the eleven personality archetypes detailed in the book, you will learn to diagnose an individual’s personality type and seamlessly adapt your communication strategy to suit it. As an Insta-Trust Impactor, you will master relationship-building techniques so that you can efficiently and sustainably build goodwill with potential clients, close more deals, grow your business or network, and expand your impact.

We all make fast first impressions of others. This book ensures you use this to your advantage by helping you make a favorable impression that builds bridges and brings in more income.

ISBN: 9781640954335
Publisher: Sound Wisdom
Pub Date: 02/2023
Format: Paperback

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