Inspiration in Small Doses


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Inspiration in Small Doses explores a variety of topics: work, money, success, and perseverance: change, gratitude, grace, love, and forgiveness: discovering one’s higher self; the power of intention and expectation, faith, and prayer. The brief chapters in these sections use stories, essays, and reflections to discover various facets of the topics and to point the way toward locating the keys that unlock the doors to new possibilities. Each chapter ends with an affirmation that uplifts the theme of the chapter and points out the way forward.
Many people face today’s post-pandemic world and feel weighed down by the volume of threats and challenges that stare back at them. Inspiration in Small Doses suggests an alternative perspective. When focused upon the deep and inexhaustible sources of inspiration that reside in us all, you will find your hand grasping the key that opens the door to the possibilities of doing and being more than you dreamed you could achieve.

ISBN: 9781667842554
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 07/2022
Format: Paperback

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