Infinite You: Discover Your Quantum Powers, Parallel Universes, Telepathy, Spirituality, and More

Author: Pamala Oslie


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Publisher: Oslie Press
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A Positive View of Humanity’s Future and the New Human!

Believe it or not – what’s ahead in our future is more joy, freedom, peace, love, and ease! I know this for sure. I’ve seen it coming for years. And I’m not the only one who has had this intuitive, psychic vision.

Here’s a great secret. Amidst the current chaos, which is what happens with change, a new consciousness is quietly emerging. The caterpillar is dissolving, the butterfly is emerging.

This has happened before. The fall of the Roman Empire led to the Dark Ages (including the plague) and that gave rise to the Renaissance! There was a major shift in consciousness; changes that most at that time couldn’t imagine. We’re headed for another Renaissance!

Despite appearances, we’re evolving into a more advanced species with enhanced abilities and a greater level of awareness. We’re expanding our understanding of reality.

There’s evidence of this shift. More of us are experiencing unusual phenomenon and abilities that defy what seems possible. You can help usher in this new future!

For decades, I have demonstrated advanced abilities. Everyone has them.

What are the new abilities that are arising? And how can they make your life better?

As you evolve, you’re able to: Create using the power of thoughtHeal and transform your own body Change your life by shifting into parallel universes Be telepathicMove things with your mindSense aurasAccess your other lives – past and futureTalk to loved ones and guides in other realms And more…

When you develop these abilities, you create more trust, confidence, abundance, joy, love, wonderful health, longevity, inner peace, freedom, and more. This is how these abilities have changed my life. It can change the world!!

In Infinite You, you’ll learn methods to use your mind, the quantum field, and advanced abilities to create a better life. You’ll discover how to unleash your hidden powers, understand the quantum physics and learn the spiritual principals involved. There are exercises, guided meditations, and real-life stories revealing how Pam has created everything she desires.

Many already experience these advanced abilities, proving we’re capable of more. Many use them to benefit others, proving there’s value in developing them.

What people are saying:

“Holy Parallel Universes! WOW! Thank you so much for this amazing information. You really did take me to the next level.”

“If I didn’t have a disfigured fork on my desk right now, I might not believe that I actually re-formed these seemingly rigid utensils!”

“The tools, ideas, and concepts you presented are awesome and so applicable! You took something incredibly complex and made them understandable. I was having epiphanies all over the place.”

The way transformation has happened through history is brave explorers and mavericks break through old thinking and reveal what’s possible. Are you ready to leap?

If you’re ready to live at a more aware level, this book is for you!

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About the Author

Pam Oslie is a pioneer in human potential and demonstrates what’s possible as the new human. She’s a professional intuitive psychic, remote viewer, medium, and aura expert who has guided thousands for decades. Pam has manifested and affected matter with her mind, healed her body, shifted into parallel universes, and more. She explains this is based in spirituality and quantum physics.

ISBN: 9780984937592
Publisher: Oslie Press
Pub Date: 10/2021
Format: Paperback
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